The iAmLOVE Global Movement

The time is now, the day is today and you are the answer to a brighter humanity.  You can do anything that you make up your mind and heart to do! We are turning this world upside down, inside out and right side up with Love.  Love will always be the answer and within you and each and everyone of us, the perfect intelligence of love lives.  Love cares, love gives, and love encourages life at every turn. We were  each given a name at birth and many of us have become convinced that this name is who we really are.  Think again, go deeper and you will see that LOVE is your real name.

You are a Being of Love and as such you own nothing and live to encourage life. There is work to be done here! We each have a heart to open and these thinking minds are in the way.  Are you ready to go to work? Let’s keep it simple and get this job done.

5 Minutes A Day – Will you dedicate the first five minutes of each new day to cultivate four amazing life values?

The values are slowing down, being gentle with yourself and others, learning to be more accepting and appreciating life a little more each new day.

Are you ready to join the movement that says “love wins because I show up”. So what will happen if you click the take the challenge button?  You will receive a letter that explains this simple movement.

Wishing you so much love!

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