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IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH: THE iAmLove Global Movement is changing its name to: “The Encourage Life Organization” and can be found on the web at “”

WHY? Because this movement must go into the school systems of the world but in order to due so we have to be very conservative and stay out all grey and controversial areas such peace, love and God.

This website and all the people and their videos will remain as a testament and a tribute to all those people that started this revolution of human development that has since expanded into the school systems of the world at

The sight copy and content as it was follows…

On June 11, 2104 the iAmLove Organization launched a simple and deeply meaningful global movement of love. In just one week famous and every day beautiful people from countries all over the world have joined and embraced this unstoppable movement of love.This movement includes a 30 Day challenge for inner-peace and love that only requires one minute each new day. We are currently filming 100 people around the world taking the challenge and their film clips are below. This movement is for everyone and those people being filmed below are for fun and inspiration to us all.

This movement in a nut shell…and how it can touch your life in the most amazing way.  Life can at times be very challenging to say the least, it seems that the experience of worry overwhelms many of us far to often.  There is a simple and most powerful daily practice that only takes one minute each new day to do.  This practice can seriously reduce worry and the challenges we typically face in life.  It helps us to achieve so much inner-peace and happiness.

It is hard to believe that consistently dedicating just one minute at the start of each new day could transform our lives in such an amazing way.  In this daily one minute practice we find a quiet place to sit at the start of each new day to focus our attention on four universal life values which are gentleness, slowing down, acceptance and appreciation.  People all over the world are doing this practice, you can do it, i can do it, the whole world can do this!  You can learn more about the practice and this free global movement by sending as an email to learn more or take the challenge. We will send you back a free calendar and a letter that explains this simple movement.

In your life have you ever consistently dedicated one minute a day to the cultivation of  a deeply meaningful  life value?  Many of us have never done this, but if we do, the most amazing things are going to happen.  Why? Because it is the basic principles of gardening in which whatever we consistently water in life will powerfully grow!  We have a tendency being human to over complicate life. If we consistently bring our attention to a few  brilliant values in life for just one minute each new day, these values will powerfully grow deep roots in our lives. What if you and the whole planet where to do this together each new day?  Well you can, join us, bring your beautiful, beautiful soul to this movement of love. Together we can do anything, in love we are unstoppable!

Take some time and review the resources of this website and see all the people (your global iAmLOVE family) dedicating just one minute a day and transforming their precious lives.  Please email us to learn more…

Would you please help this movement to grow in this most simple way?

It may not sound like much, but if you would just email us a quick note that says “We need movements like this in the world!” it would encourage us so much!!! We will send you a free iAmLOVE Calendar and information about the one minute a day iAmLOVE challenge! There is a contact us form down the page a short bit…

We hope you find it in your heart to encourage us, our entire organization is here to encourage YOU!


August 2, 2014 The first woman in the world to take the iAmLove 30 Day Challenge that will also be giving birth in the same month!

August 1, 2014 iAmLOVE responds to the war & suffering…

Just in July 31 The first 14 people from around the world to join the iAmLove movement video highlight mix…

Just in July 31 The Second Group of 14 people from around the world to join the iAmLove movement video highlight mix…

Just in July 29th Latest film iAmLoveNYC

“The People of New York City join the iAmLove Global Movement”

This is a movement for all of humanity, everyone is invited to the table of love – without exception. Here is how it works…

iAmLove launched “The iAmLove 30 Day Challenge” and it only takes one minute a day to do! People from all over the world are taking the challenge. iAmLove provides a free calendar called “The Gardening of Love Calendar”. The calendar helps each of us to consistently water “The Four Universal Seeds of Love”. The four seeds are; gentleness, slowing down, acceptance and appreciation. For those people that practice a faith in God they are encouraged to add an additional fifth seed called “Trusting God More”. This movement of love is benefiting all of humanity and includes everyone without exception. The fact that this movement is free from all judgment and is entirely focused on the gardening of love may very well be why it is being received so well.

Please email us a note to say “Keep This Movement Going!” Encourage us and we will grow. We will email you back a free “iAmLOVE Calendar” and the one minute a day global challenge information to cultivate inner-peace.

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