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Dear Humanity,

The iAmLove organization creates and distributes “Life Calendars” that truly bring out the best in humanity. Our calendars universally inspire loving kindness, peace and harmony.

We offer the following two “Life Calendars” and encourage you to email info@iAmLove.org and request information regarding the one that speaks to your path in life.

The Life Calendar of Faith

(inspiring love and devotion to God)

The Life Calendar of the Present Moment

(inspiring life in the present moment beyond thinking)

Be prepared to receive a “Life Calendar” that can beautifully in the most simple and easy way help you reach your greatest potential for peace, love and happiness”


About the creator and inspiration behind “The Life Calendars” 

My name is Jeffrey and I live in Colorado, USA and I have for most of my adult life had a passion to reach my potential for inner-peace and to love and care for others. I faced and overcame a major health challenge earlier in my life and learned so much about true freedom. I have discovered that the best way for the intelligence of life (that I am naturally an extension of) to help and serve others is to provide them with a means to powerfully and consistently cultivate what truly matters most to them in life. I passionately believe that every human life should stand for one thing above all else in which we make our highest priority to cultivate each new day. I further believe in radical simplicity when it comes to human evolution and potential.

I have found that more than half of the human population is inspired to reach their potential to love God and a significant number of other people upon this Earth are inspired to practice living in the present moment. So we have created “Life Calendars” that are so simple and powerful to help believers reach their potential to Love God and present moment practitioners to reach their potential to go beyond thinking into a state of oneness, silence and stillness. The iAmLove organization values remaining non-judgmental and ensures that all of our calendars universally promote loving kindness, peace, harmony and selfless service to others in need.

I have personally walked a path of faith and a life of deep meditation in the present moment beyond thinking in a state of silence and stillness. It is from the depths of love, concern and non-judgment for humanity that these life transforming calendars have been created.

A closing picture in celebration of the miracle of life:


There is great wisdom in keeping life simple and cultivating one day at a time what truly matters most to each of us. You are encouraged to email us and request information regarding the “Life Calendar” that speaks to your path in life. You have nothing to lose and maybe something truly amazing to gain. A life calendar filled with loving sunshine and kindness to help you to honor the miracle of your precious life…

You are invited to email info@iAmLove.org 

To request information about the “Life Calendar of Faith” or “The Life Calendar of the Present Moment”

Wishing you peace and harmony,