Two simple question we can ask ourselves “Who am I living for apart from other people? Who is my entire life dedicated to?”

If your answer is “myself” the odds are your life is filled with great suffering and loneliness.  If on the other hand you are “Living for God” then you are truly walking in the light.

If we are honest the main reason why we have turned from God is our desire to run and control our own lives and this illusion has caused us so much suffering. We will try every substitute to reduce worry and suffering in our lives from; drugs, food, exercise, meditation, mindless entertainment, excess television that is often demeaning and destructive, anxiety medications, therapy and so on…  

The answer is and will always be to come home to the perfect love of God. Turning to God is all about giving up trying to own life and melting into the forever loving arms of God. Living to please God is the most rewarding way of life imaginable yet our thinking and controlling minds lead us to believe it is some kind of burden when in reality it is the greatest blessing we will ever have.

Has there ever been anyone who taught love more sincerely and created a way for us to return to God…

Jesus Christ2

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