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The movement is a simple message and open invitation for anyone. The movement encourages people to dedicate the first five minutes of each new day to sit quietly and remind ourselves to cultivate four deeply meaningful values; slowing down, gentleness, acceptance and appreciation. People of faith are additionally encouraged to trust God a little more each new day. Given the nature and busyness of our human minds it is strongly suggested that we place a calendar next to our quiet sitting spot and check off each new day upon completion of our 5 minute practice. Some people additionally enjoy doing this again before bed.

For those of you that where filmed in conjunction to taking the iAmLove challenge your videos can be found on Youtube (search “”)

The goal of this simple movement is to inspire people to become accountable to the daily cultivation of universal and deeply meaningful values that could powerfully improve the quality of our lives. Often people ask how to cultivate these values and the answer is for you to just be with them and the rest will take care of itself.  It can be helpful for some to simply look these words up in the dictionary.  Every time we genuinely take a moment to embrace and pursue these universal values life becomes significantly easier and more peaceful.

The ultimate message and purpose of this movement is to help each of us to cut through all the bs and seriously ask the question “Can we really dedicate five minutes at the start of every new day to cultivate what truly matters most in our lives?” Being human we often over complicate life and search endlessly for solutions to our struggles.  We often point our fingers at others and the world around us declaring they need to change. Our greatest peace will always be found within and can be powerfully cultivated in just five minutes each new day. The imperative message of this movement is to reveal that a consistent daily effort is the key to achieving anything. For example going to church or practicing mindfulness one day a week is very valuable and honestly something most people do not even due but if we consistently dedicate a small amount of time upon waking to set the intention to practice our core values throughout each new day the effects will be tremendous. Please understand that a consistent daily effort is the key to gardening our greatest happiness. Which garden do you think grows stronger and deeper; one that receives daily attention or one that receives attention once a week? I think people often remain unaware of the immense power of a consistent daily effort.

Everyone is going exactly where they are meant to in life and if someone is motivated to cultivate core values each new day as a priority, it will happen!  In the paragraphs ahead I will share one of the most simple and effective suggestions to powerfully help people of faith to deepen like never before and then a few suggestions for people interested in so called enlightenment.  It is important to understand that I do not believe in judgement and have personally traveled through a deep devotion to God that eventually dissolved into an experience of oneness beyond concepts of higher or lower.  I do understand that we are all at different places.  My approach was to Love God with all of my heart and it simply transformed into a state beyond being a human character that was trying to love a seemingly separate God. I know that the great majority of the human race lives in a perceived world of attachment to a human life story that operates in continual cycle of gain and lose. I further suspect this is perfectly how it is meant to be. A small percentage of people are inspired to transcend the human character dream and illusion of being separate   I find it a little unfortunate when a believer in God says this is the only way just as when someone who is on the so called path of enlightenment declares this is the only way. I find myself more open in this regard.  It does however seem wise to me regardless of our chosen ways of life to seek a greater peace and harmony.  If you are serious about either loving God with all of your heart or a state of so called enlightenment you will find the following suggests below to be very helpful and potentially life changing.

A message to those people of faith…If someone sincerely wants to be as close to God as possible all they have to do is take a minute or more each new day and declare “today I will trust God a little more” & “I know that God has a plan for my life.” People that are serious about their faith honestly need to be accountable each new day to their faith.  Is their something more important to a person of sincere faith each new day?  Why not get a calendar and at the start of each new day spend a minute with God declaring and thinking about these two intentions and then put a check mark on the calendar for that day? Maybe do it for a month and then for the rest of your life and your faith and closeness to God will go far beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. So few believers are willing to be this accountable even though it is so simple – go figure.  But you can always do this ;)

Important –  The message below is for those people seriously interested in the so called state of enlightenment which goes beyond the thinking mind and ego, beyond being a human character. The above message and iAmLove challenge is a universal message for all of humanity. It has always been hard for me to exclude anyone, The following message is about going beyond being a human character and would likely seem strange to the greater majority of the human race that is simply trying to create and have the best life story possible.

A message to those people looking to go beyond  the container of the thinking mind and ego into a state of pure awareness beyond all illusions of separation. There is a man in Europe who is very awake and providing clear and direct guidance in this regard (this is a very direct path to the so called enlightened state and can be very hard for our human minds to accept)

The audio clip I have appreciated the most from Mooji is called “Remain as You Are” and can be downloaded from his website in the audio file area. I have listened to this audio clip on a regular basis and found it to be very valuable.

My path these days takes me to the path beyond all paths into pure awareness. During the course of my travels I came upon the wisdom of a man who has since passed named Ramana Maharashi who was a living example of just being still and I whole heartily agreed with his approach to life.  Another wise man who has also since passed named Papaji valued and shared this same approach who also touched my life. At the current time a man named Mooji values and shares this same approach to living as the pure awareness of life.  I have been blessed to come upon the wisdom of these beings and deeply share and extend this truth forward. I firmly believe that these beings as well as myself are not looking for followers because in truth there can be no higher, lower or followed. They are as I am simply guiding and pointing to the one truth beyond all concepts and illusions of separation.  I sincerely believe if someone wants to be followed or praised this is not in alignment with my heart of truth. From left to right Ramana, Papaji and Mooji.  We have all recognized Ramana as a most brilliant guiding light.


I Am as I believe we all are the pure awareness of life with absolutely nothing in the backdrop. I sincerely believe our greatest freedom arrives when we truly disappear from the illusion of being anything other than the awareness of life. I Am as I believe you are life itself in participation with a human body and a thinking mind.  If it is the calling on your life to transcend your attachment to the dreaming mind than I encourage you to practice daily holding on to your true nature as awareness itself, to disappear daily and remain detached from being anything other than awareness.

Imagine a pair of glasses if you will – a metaphor for seeing the going and coming of it all with no person or form of life behind these glasses.

A few letters I have written and a deeply meaningful audio file that may be helpful and potentially life changing (please click on the title of a letter to read).


In the arms of Love

the miracle of gentleness


A deeply meaningful audio file to encourage the enlightened state of pure being from Jeffrey at called:
Honoring Our True Nature

To download this above audio file directly click the link below and when the webpage audio player comes up right click on the player to download and save mp3 file to your computer or device.

I have written a book called “The Miracle of Gentleness” the book is a very direct message for those people inspired to evolve beyond the limitations and illusions of the human mind and ego  What may be unique and helpful in my approach to real freedom is that I believe in honoring the characters we have conditioned ourselves to be while seriously embracing our true nature that is beyond them. The cost is ($20) and you may email a request to receive the book at

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