The iAmLove Global Movement

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Your life is a sacred and precious miracle.

Smile because you are beautiful! 

Be encouraged everyday. Below you will find a list of universal values rooted in Love. Choose the one that touches your heart the most. We will send you one loving and encouraging text message each new day that is dedicated to the seed of your selection. (not on weekends) 

Text 720-354-7711 & tell us your selection  

Outside the USA Text:  00+1+720-354-7711

Alternate signup: Click on the seed below to email us your selection.

Choose A Seed of Love

 (NS) means not in school program 






Present Moment

Trust God (NS)





Helping Others


Loving Yourself



About The iAmLove Movement 

Some examples of the loving and encouraging text messages we send each new day: (one per day only)

Please understand you will only be receiving a daily message on the specific value you select. This will help you to powerfully cultivate your selection.

Acceptance: What is your greatest challenge today? You are learning to be more accepting. Sometimes it can be helpful to step back and remind ourselves to just do our best and let go of the rest.

Family: Your greatest joy is loving your family! Maybe invite someone in your family to go for walk with you today or this weekend?

Balance: We often loose our balance trying to do more than is healthy for us in a given day. We can plan and schedule our days to achieve greater balance! Maybe walk and drive a little slower today…

Appreciation: What if today was “Nature Appreciation Day” would you participate? Maybe schedule a quiet and peaceful walk in nature today…

Loving Yourself: How will you love yourself today? A walk in nature, lunch with a friend, an encouraging book or movie, the joy of cooking, a hot bath and candle…

Joy: Life is beautiful when we realize how beautiful we are. Life is joyful when we realize how precious we are. Let the miracle of your life shine today!