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jkMy name is LIFE just as I believe your true name is, my given name is Jeffrey and I live in Colorado, USA. In this lifetime experience I am above all else, drawn to the greater truth of who we are beyond being self focused human characters. I am passionate about reaching my potential to shine and help others to do the same. I have in earlier years sincerely pursued a faith in God, these days I deeply practice living in the present moment. I have gracefully faced and overcome a major health challenge. I am a positive and encouraging person that values helping others. I believe being human is a miracle and the greatest of challenges. I would like to share the best of what I have learned about a few things in life in the hope that it may be helpful to others.

1. I choose to live a life in the present moment beyond all stories, concepts and attachments, but in spite of this, I would still like to share the most simple and effective way a person can powerfully grow closer to God if that is their hearts desire. For some reason it appears the many religions make the process of growing closer to God overly complicated. Faith in God is a choice and a simple mental conditioning process that eventually carries over into ones emotions and heart. Here is the most simple, direct and effective daily practice to grow closer and closer to God. Each new day upon waking and before bed dedicate one minute and declare the following sentence “The highest purpose of my day and life is to trust God a little more each new day and to know that God has a plan for my life”. 

2. As for living in the present moment, all thinking is a dream. Whether you are sleeping in bed having a dream or up and about during the day pretending to be a human character. Thinking is how we tell stories and even though in bed sleeping we call this dreaming, these dreams are created by the thinking process which is exactly how we create our day time life stories. ALL THINKING IS A DREAM. Being in the present moment beyond thinking is where all story-telling ends and we are truly free apart from dreaming. All worry for example is the result of thinking, stop thinking and worry stops at the same time.

Every word written, read or spoken by the human race regardless if it came from God, angels, or some distant galaxy is all a dream created by thinking. Why has no one ever told you this? Because the human mind is a massive thinking story-telling system that just keeps perpetuating the world of thinking human characters.. All the media, schools and systems of government are all based on human characters continuing to think and are not designed to honor our true nature that is beyond all this story telling. Could you imagine if the educational systems of the world taught humanity we are all so much more than human characters? You are LIFE itself, and are vastly more than a human character holding on to the past and worrying about the future. You are life itself conscious, a seer beyond all attachments, thinking and story-telling. Nothing belongs to you, not worry – nothing.  The me that you THINK you are is the grand illusion.  You are the seer of life, the witness and not some concept of separation or worries. All of existence is in unity and you could never truly be separate from anything, as a being of LIFE you are unified with all that is. Being separate or trying to own life in anyway is a big illusion and could never really be achieved because it goes against the nature of Life and existence. All of your worries are the bi-product of thinking and believing you are only a human character.

In the world of thinking there is always opposing concepts such as gain and lose, more or less, positive and negative, good and evil. pleasure and pain, peace and unrest.  In the present moment there is no longer opposing concepts.  In the present moment you are life itself conscious without a me. You own nothing including worry. True liberation is the end of all story-telling, the end of thinking. Be still, be silent and brilliantly alone. As it has been said alone really means all one.  The one that cultivates being still, empty and disappeared from the illusion of being a human character shall be truly free beyond all gain and loss.

I created a youtube video called “A Guided Meditation Living in the Present Moment” you can search the video name in youtube or watch it directly at this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDkGmaB8jgM  (you can copy and paste the youtube address into your browser)

3. As for facing a major health challenge, this was my teacher in which i learned to let go, to accept and be graceful. Feeling trapped in a major health challenge I learned about the greater truth of who I am that is never trapped. Maybe allow a health challenge to be a great teacher to help you see who you really are beyond concepts of gain and loss.  If and when we face a major health challenge and maybe even the potential to be passing on I encourage you to pick one thing that no matter what happens with your health will grow in your life every new day. This could be your faith in God or in my case the practice of living in the present moment. It could be the practice and daily cultivation of a powerful life value such as acceptance, appreciation, being graceful, kindness, gentleness… I personally found choosing one thing in my life that will powerfully grow every new day regardless of how my physical health is or turns out gave me so much strength, encouragement and purpose.

One last thing about dealing with a health challenge, one day I woke up during the course of a major health challenge and did not care whether I got better or worse. I just let go of the whole drama of being sick and I experienced a major spontaneous healing. Maybe just maybe we need to get out of the way of our so called health challenges and practice radical acceptance, let our bodies go through what they need to. Could it be we are holding onto how we want things to go and be and as a result we are getting in the way of our healing. I often remind myself “Allow everything to run its course, be gentle with yourself and others today.” It is an amazing thing when you come to realize in the present moment we are so free beyond all concepts of gain and loss.

Two additional insights worth sharing…

To be true to ourselves we must disappoint others just as we must actively be disappointed by others – this is healthy, wise and honorable. The alternative can often be conforming to the needs and wants of others at the expense of our own true nature. We are each here to live our highest and most sincere truth and this can not be done unless we are willing to disappoint the world around us at times. Of course we must each strive not to hurt or destroy life whenever possible.  

The second insight: It can be helpful to remember that if ever someone should treat you poorly keep in mind that we can only give one another what is living inside of each of us. For example if someone was to ever say a very hurtful word or even give you the finger (something that i personally can not even imagine doing to another) they are first and foremost saying this to themselves. Again we can only truly give one another what is living inside of us. Knowing this we find ourselves less hurt by others and more understanding and compassionate.

A final invitation to those people seeking the greatest of freedom. Disappear, disappear all the day thru.  Upon waking go empty, be empty, let go and live in the presence. Be the seer and witness that consciously practices and embraces the on-going disappearing that comes with daily life from people, places, things and experiences. Get great at honoring the disappearing and appearing. Disappear to this, disappear to that, to this worry and that concern. To the passing away of others and your own eventual passing. Just keep diving into the presence knowing that all thinking is but a dream.  There is truly no me…

Please keep in mind that regardless of what situation or circumstance presents itself in your daily life, your thinking mind often wants to read into it. Put an end to this reading into this and that, it creates unrest, anxiety and destructive behavior. Use the difficult situations that show up at the door of your daily life to powerfully practice disappearing and being empty and in the present moment. There is a poem by Rumi called “The Guesthouse” google it and read it. WELCOME EVERYTHING, LET IT ALL BE, there is no me. Everything is right on-time in daily life, use every seeming discomfort, challenge and concern to disappear into the presence evermore. 

If you are deeply motivated to live in the present moment you may email info@iamlove.org and request a link to likely the greatest video we have ever created called “Disappear into the Presence”

Wishing you peace and harmony,