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Dear Humanity,

The journey of life is all in thinking. Ultimately there is just being and that is not a journey. Mental suffering, worry and unhappiness is all in thinking. True freedom can never be attained, achieved or traveled to because it is a state beyond thinking. The ideas of gain and loss, more and less, going and coming are all constructs of thinking. In other words true peace is not a destination, rather it is simply a state of being beyond thinking. For example when you give all of your attention to listening to the sound of a bird.  Pure listening is true freedom and is naturally beyond the limits of thinking. 

We can however use the thinking mind to transcend it or to improve our experience in the world of thinking. Not everyone is born to consciously go beyond thinking, some people are here to create the very best life story they can. For example some people would like to grow as close to their idea of God as possible.  For this reason we will share with you the most simple and effective method of transcending or transforming the human mind.

One of the most powerful things we can do to transcend or transform the thinking mind is to choose a Primary Life Purpose (PLP). This focuses the mind and causes absolute transformation.

Having a Primary Life Purpose (PLP) and cultivating it one day at a time is the key to reaching our greatest potential. 

It is a rare and brilliant opportunity in the experience of being human to sincerely cultivate a Primary Life Purpose (PLP). Having a PLP enables each of us to reach our greatest potential for happiness while at the same time it powerfully helps us to handle the challenges of daily life in a more graceful manner. Our fears and worries are substantially reduced when our lives have a PLP (Primary Life Purpose).

Their is a major obstacle that must be addressed and overcome in order to seriously cultivate a higher purpose in life. That obstacle is the on-going need to earn a living and deal with the details of daily life. Make no mistake about it, meeting our basic needs and providing for our families requires an organized life of hard work. That being said, upon our birth we are each given the blessing to have our life stand for one thing above all else. The crowning achievement of every human life is the cultivation of a Primary Life Purpose (PLP). 

The iAmLove organization believes in radical simplicity when it comes to human evolution and potential. Often people confuse their PLP with finding a job or career or taking care of their family and it is not the same. Your PLP is far greater than what you will do for a living or how you will care for others.


The insight and guidance that follows is so clear and direct that our thinking minds will likely find it hard to believe that our potential for true peace, happiness and love could ever be this simple.

A part from our basic survival there are 3 most common PLP choices in human life…

1) To create and experience the best life story you can.

2) To create and experience the best life story you can with a focus on God.

3) To create and experience the best life story you can with a focus on enlightenment.

Pick 1, 2 or 3 and you have just clarified a Primary Life Purpose beyond your basic survival.

Of course there are other values and priorities in life such as taking care of our families, being in relationship with others, loving and caring for one another…but a PLP is at the core of our human experience. 

When we become clear to the underlying primary purpose of our lives we can consciously and powerfully cultivate it.

Are you ready for the most powerful guiding sentence in a person’s life?

It is called a Life Purpose Sentence. The iAmLove organization has created a Life Purpose Sentence for each PLP.

Step 1: Choose your PLP and off we go…

PLP1: Create and experience the best life story I can.

The Sentence  “I will make it a priority to consistently cultivate the following primary value in life above all else each new day: ____________.”

You may email info@iAmLove.org and request “The List of Life Values” to help you choose the one that touches you on the deepest level.  

PLP2: Create and experience the best life story I can with a focus on God.

The Sentence: “I know that God has a plan for my life, I will trust God a little more each new day.”

PLP3: Create and experience the best life story I can with a focus on enlightenment.

The Sentence: “I Am Life seeing, there is no separate me.”

Step 2: Cultivating your “Life Purpose Sentence” each new day

Once you have decided the PLP and Life Purpose Sentence that speaks to your path in life, the final step is to powerfully remember and align to your Life Purpose Sentence each new day.



Email info@iAmLove.org  and request information about an on-line program called “Living Your Life Purpose” 


About the founder of the iAmLove organization 


I Am LOVE and I Am LIFE, just as I believe you are. My given name is Jeffrey and I live in Colorado U.S.A. My greatest gift to humanity is to help us to consistently focus our attention on the one thing that will bring about our greatest potential for love and happiness.

“The truth is so simple, whatever we consistently garden in life will powerfully grow.”