The iAmLove Movement

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The iAmLove organization was founded on the belief that every human life can reach its greatest potential by having a higher purpose. What one thing does your life stand for above all else? (most people are not clear on this and it does not have to be this way)

As fare as the iAmLove organization is concerned there are two primary life purpose choices that will help someone to reach their greatest potential for happiness and a life beyond suffering. Why not pick one and get on with our greatest potential to shine and live a life beyond worry? 1) Trust God a little more each new day 2) Practice living in the present moment each new day. 

If you email and tell us your choice we will send you a letter of great encouragement and support.

A message from Jeffrey about reaching our greatest potential for true peace and a life beyond suffering…


On April 11, 2015 the iAmLove organization will be presenting its greatest gift to humanity called “The Life Purpose Garden & Calendar” please check back shortly…

About Jeffrey Krumholz – The founder of the iAmLove Organization 

jk8I am a father, carpenter and humanitarian living in Colorado, USA. I have a passion for life and care deeply for the welfare of others. When I was twenty six until the age of thirty two I faced a very challenging health condition that was resolved following a major operation. During this time I honestly felt so trapped in suffering and my response was to seek a higher truth. I have for most of my adult life cultivated inner-peace.

Today I am forty seven and have come to a place of peace and contentment. The peace and joy I have come to know is the result of living my highest purpose in life.

As a helper and servant to humanity I play the role of a Life Purpose Catalyst”. One of my greatest gifts has and continues to be my ability to help others clarify and pursue their true purpose in life. I am an intuitive and very heart centered being that has been providing life and career guidance to others for more than 20 years.



“The power and potential of a human life standing for one thing above all else”